Winter Time is Here!

Because I like to bite off of people’s style, I’ve been inspired enough to finally make a blog post again! As usual winter’s outlook ain’t looking too bright. However me being the eclectic man that I am, I always find something to sink my teeth into. Here’s the preview guide to see what you might like.

5. Tamako Market

An anime series about making rice cakes… I’m not too sure about this one, but it looks very cute with Kyoto Animation’s ever present finesse. I don’t have much else to say really as there isn’t much information to go off of. It could either be really monotonous like many other titles of this genre or genuinely endearing. Let’s just hope for the latter. Since Tamako Market is from the K-On team, I shall expect some premium moé of course! Plus this is KyoAni’s first purely original anime since Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai (aka Munto) so I’m interested in seeing what this title has to offer.

4. Love Live! School Idol Project

Ever since I’ve watched Macross Frontier I’ve been on an idol craze. Fluffy pop songs sung by beautiful maidens in funky costumes instantly cheers me up. Last year’s premiere idol title ‘The iDOLM@STER’ was an excellent piece of work that made my love for the sub-genre grown even more. Sadly I missed AKB0048 (trying to fix that) and Symphogear really sucked, so my idol outlook has waned a little bit.  Now here comes Love Live to the rescue! Displaying pretty character designs, slick animation, as well as sugary sweet pop songs there is no way that I wont be entertained. Apparently, this will also be the “ultimate user participation project” where viewers will be able to vote on the future of our idols. I have no idea how this is going to work, but this is a very neat idea. Who would have thought “The X-Factor: Otaku Edition” would come about!?! Let the best idol win!

3. Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

Another one where I’m just confused at what to think about it. Here we have three gorgeous sisters, one of them is a hikikomori (our lead Sasami) and apparently they all have magical god-like powers. In addition to having an older brother with a slave complex who tends to Sasami’s every need and due to Sasami’s hikikomori status she uses her older brother to view the outside world via a “Brother Surveillance Tool”. Talk about making something that could have easily been extremely generic into something delightfully weird. I’ve gotta say, I’m honestly not that excited for this one as it can go either way quite frankly, but I think SHAFT’s trademark quirkiness will persevere. (Hopefully…) I can’t deny potential comedic gold.

2. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

I’m going to let the synopsis do all of the talking for me…

The story centers on the characters Maou (Demon Queen) and Yūsha (Hero) who live in a world where humans and demons are at war. Yuusha confronts Maou about the destructive war that the demons have imposed on humans. However, Maou tells him that the war has created a reason for humans to work together and improved human society overall. She convinces him that humans would fall into a bloody civil war without their battles against the demons. To prevent such a conflict, Yūsha decides to join forces with Maou.

Seriously, the plot is really cool and unique. I just can’t believe that this was originally conceived on 2chan! I really don’t believe anything can go wrong here. A slight deconstruction of the fantasy genre is always welcome. Though one thing bugs me, this series will be produced by ARMS. The guys responsible for Queen’s Blade, Ikkitousen, and Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero… That should tell you what this studio is all about. (They even dabbled into full on hentai!) However when we look at the recent trend of “fanservice” studio’s producing good content, I believe ARMS will actually surprise us this time. Xebec did with Rinne no Lagrange and let’s not forget Hoods Entertainment’s Mysterious Girlfriend X. So that leads me to be cautiously optimistic. Ms. Demon Queen does have quite a nice rack on her if I do say so myself… Just please don’t exploit this for constant oppai jokes! Other than that I see a fantastic adventure ready unravel upon us.

1. Vividred Operation

I remember around roughly 6 months ago when I made this blog post… And if that’s not any indication of how excited I am for this anime then I don’t know what is! Let’s see here for a quick reference of what this anime will please me with:

  • Mahou Shoujo elements. Check.
  • Cute character designs by the Kazuhiro Takamura. Double-Check.
  • Animation by A-1 Pictures. (My favorite studio!) Triple-Check.
  • Mecha/Sci-fi theme. Quadruple-Check!
  • Not based on any preexisting material. Quintuple-Check!?!

Everything to fuel my Otaku needs is here baby! There is no way this anime can possibly fail me. Even if the writing may not be up to par, it’ll still supply soup to my soul. Here’s some food for thought, there have been several promotional images filling us in on research the production committee has put into this work. That alone should tell you how much effort is being put into this thing. Is it a long stretch to call this a runaway hit? Maybe, don’t want to get myself too hyped up for a possible failure but I can’t help it! I’m excite!

Special Mention: Nekomonogatari (Kuro)

Well duh! Who the hell isn’t ecstatic to see this one!?! Tsubasa-chan, oh how I’ve missed you so… *Drools*

I’ll also continue my two favorites Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and From the New World. I may even check out some of the “fun-sized” anime of next season. Can’t really loose with these since I’m literally only wasting 15 minutes of my time each week.

  • Senyuu. – Yamakan in 5 minute increments shouldn’t be bad. Gag fantasy series are somehow always funny to me.
  • Mangirl! – Moé girls making manga. I don’t see why not. At least they’re being productive.
  • Yama no Susume – Possible yuri content with tremendous amount of scenery porn with cuteness.

And that’s pretty much my anime forecast for Winter 2013. I hope everyone will have a Happy New Year! I’ll try to make more posts this time around. 😉


Most Importantly, Hatsune Miku was at E3.

In all honesty this year’s E3 was underwhelming again with the usual showcase of doomed technology (Sony’s Wonderbook) and an extreme focus on casual games. However, I don’t have a huge problem with that since A) I didn’t even watch much of E3, B) I’m not much of gamer anymore and C) I wasn’t expecting a lot anyway. From what I’ve heard Usher performed at Microsoft’s press conference (yay?); a company I’ve never supported (gaming-wise, I use a PC like most economically-minded people), while Sony bashed our heads in with the Wonderbook, barely mentioning PSVita. So clearly I didn’t miss anything special. Although, I was able to catch Nintendo’s press conference and I gotta say  it wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t fantastic either. Reggie just gave us more memes to regurgitate  along with a good showcase of the WiiU which seems like a gargantuan step up from its predecessor. If the games are good enough at launch, I just might pick one up. I love the ‘Miiverse’ social thingy. But enough about the typical stuff you’ve already read at zillions of other gaming websites, what’s most important here (well to me anyway) is that Hatsune Miku made a ravishing appearance at E3!

In moments of discovering this fact, I jumped for joy, creamed in pants while almost missing my train in unadulterated glee. Ever since I’ve played the first Project Diva for PSP, I’ve been a die-hard fan of the franchise. (Even importing Project Diva 2nd.) If you’re unaware, Project Diva is a simple, yet addictive rhythm-based music game where you press the face buttons in coordination with the beat. Like Guitar Hero or Parappa The Rapper. Just replace licensed rock music or campy rap songs with Vocaloid songs. Fun, right? Thanks to this game, I was able to discover some really awesome Vocaloid tunes. Yet, even in my wildest dream have I never expected such a niche title to possibly reach our shores. And emphasis on ‘possibly’, because apparently Miku’s presence is considered a fluke at large, since Project Diva was randomly placed among other higher profile games with many questioning why it was there in the first place. Some say we shouldn’t get too excited due to Japanese games always having a small presence at E3 for the Japanese press. I found this assumption quite silly since this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a clearly Japanese title being on display at an American event, let alone E-freaking-3!  Plus, Miku’s presence is getting quite a bit of attention. Unfortunately though, SEGA has kept their mouths shut about Project Diva making a grand debut in North America, so why am I still excited? Take a look at Sony’s PSVita media showcase from E3…

Well I’ll be damned! SEGA is obviously interested in Project Diva making a splash here, I mean why else would Sony include it in a widely viewed promotional video for PSVita!?! I’m really hoping that SEGA is not trolling us and produces a localized release. (English menus only please, NOT English voices! Yet.) Up until now Miku partnered with Toyota, made an appearance in the western release of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and even had her iPhone game brought over, now it’s Project Diva’s turn to step up to the western plate. I’ve even gotten some of my non-otaku friends to enjoy the previous games, hell they even mastered the game before I did. Quite frankly, I don’t feel like paying this expensive import price. (Don’t get it twisted, I would if I have to.) Miku has universal appeal if you market her properly SEGA! The choice is yours, BRING THIS MOTHAFUCKER OUT! I only demand with love. 😀

P.S. We fans must show support. Prove to SEGA that we want our Miku! Tweet ’em, Facebook ’em, buy the iPhone game, or post about it in their forums!

Why Kyoto Animation is (secretly) Awesome!

Absolutely breath taking animation in just 30 seconds!

Sadly, this is just a promotional video for a light novel KyoAni is producing called Kyōkai no Kanata... Why KyoAni, Why must you tease us!?! If this was to get a lavishly produced T.V. series I’m pretty sure everyone would take you guys more seriously. While Hyouka is cute and all, I’d take this over that any day. Come on guys, start making moé anime with challenging stories, brisk plots, action, and multi-dimensional characters. You kinda did it with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! All of that production value is constantly wasted on just cute girls doing cute things. Don’t get me wrong, moé certainly helps pay the bills, but the K-On train has met it’s destination, Nichijou wasn’t that funny, and Hyouka isn’t hitting the heights it needs to hit outside of providing amazing sakuga. So what’s next? KyoAni already decided not to produce the hotly anticipated Little Busters which in my honest opinion is a step in the right direction to producing greater works. You can only work with the same company for so long. I’m guessing that they felt it was time to spread they’re wings and make a name for themselves not Key. And with Key out of the picture, the next big thing is apparently Chū-2 Byō Demo Koi ga Shitai!, another romantic comedy with a twist. *Sigh* This studio has so much potential, yet consistently revel in restrained-genericness.

Ironically, I’ve mostly criticized KyoAni  in a post named “Why Kyoto Animation is (secretly) Awesome!”. But that’s the thing, they ARE secretly awesome. While mainly producing slice-of-life titles, they manage to bring a ton of life out of them with incredibly intricate animation. For instance, the little nuances found in their character animation are unparalleled. Have you ever seen so much detail put into a girl busting her ass? (Watch K-On and you’ll know what I’m talking about.) I’ve not seen any other Japanese animation studio put as much love and care into quality control like them, to the point where I’ve never seen an off model in any of their works. (I’m pretty sure mistakes are present, but they’re very few and far in between.) If you can’t already tell, I’m honestly in love with them from a production standpoint. I just can’t find it in my heart to “hate” them, even if they’re extremely safe. Only time will tell if KyoAni will truly make a blazing exit out of its comfort zone. And on that note, Kyōkai no Kanata should totally get adapted! I’m super interested in that demon slaying megane and her adventures. Make it happen KyoAni! I’m pretty sure that it’ll bring you guys out of the rut that you’re currently in…

An interesting blog post I found while randomly looking under the “anime” tag. I pretty much agree with everything said here and couldn’t have stated it better myself. Kudos to the writer.

Through the Frozen Glass

Before I began watching shows as they aired, I would choose my anime very carefully from review sites such as Anime-Planet or The Nihon Reivew. In doing so I got to see a number of really great anime, but it also severely limited my exposure to the medium. In time I began watching a lot more anime and I became less particular about what I did watch. Following shows as they aired led me to watch a lot of average or mediocre shows and some downright awful ones, but even if they weren’t the best things around, I still found that there was a lot of benefit to watching them.

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I Can’t Freaking Wait For: Vivid Red Operation


Everything surrounding this upcoming anime has got me pumped enough to make a blog post! As some of you guys may know, I am a huge fan of Strike Witches. It was the anime that fully converted me into the moé fan I am today. Without ever discovering such a wonderful piece of animation, I think I would still be an anal anime fan. Strike Witches successfully proved to me that ecchi can have an interesting setting, likable characters, and an engaging story with the right amount of effort put into it. And with that, we have the upcoming spiritual successor; Vivid Red Operation. Other than the obvious parallels to Strike Witches, why else am I excited? Well, lets look at the staff shall we:

  • Planning/Producing: Aniplex [They mainly fund good shit, ’nuff said.]
  • In Cooperation With: Dengeki G’s Magazine [They know their moé.]
  • Director/Character Designer: Kazuhiro Takamura (Strike Witches) [Speechless… He’s the god of Mecha Mesume.]
  • Series Script Editor: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Macross FrontierGuilty Crown), Kazuhiro Takamura [Guilty Crown’s writing was atrocious, but Macross F certainly turned out well!]
  • Animation Production: A-1 Pictures [HUGE improvement from Gonzo/AIC, expect glorious sakuga! I ❤ A-1!]

We got an incredible production staff behind the project that knows their audience. We won’t take anything less than stellar. Strike Witches is a very tough act to follow (no ecchi managed to inspire me or impress me as much since then), but I believe Vivid Red Operation will successfully follow in the footsteps of it’s big sister. It’s got hot girls in hotpants piloting mecha for Pete’s sake! I can’t freaking wait! {Sources: ANN, Official Website}


Summer Anime: What I’m Looking Forward To!

With about four more weeks of this amazing spring season left, I feel it’s about that time to inform you guys about what I’m looking forward to the most in the upcoming summer season. Honestly there isn’t much to get excited over, but I’m still happy because there won’t be as much good anime to consume like in the spring! Seriously, too much of a good thing is never good. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep up with Kids on the Slope, Hyouka, Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Tsuritama, AKB0048, Aquarion Evol, Space Brothers, Fate/Zero, Mysterious Girlfriend X, or Eureka Seven AO. I fell so far behind on several currently airing anime because it was just too much awesomeness to get myself into (not to mention that I was also trying to pass my final exams and catch up on classwork in college). However, summer is looking pretty light, a breather season if you will. With all the extra time I won’t be using to watch seasonal anime I can use the extra time to catch up on other anime and even play some video games while I’m at it. Now on to the preview!

Sword Art Online

This anime just looks freaking cool! The idea of being stuck inside of an MMO is kinda awesome, until you realize that in order to escape you have to conquer the game. I can already get behind the setting and conflict this anime has to offer. I really hope it turns out to be badass and not dull (Accel World) or boring (.Hack//Sign) like other anime with similar concepts. Tomohiko Ito is directing, which makes me giddy as his only other work; Occult Academy was really cool. Plus, fan-favorite Yuki Kajiura is producing the music, so I’m expecting premium ear candy, along with cute eye candy brought to us by Working! character designer Shingo Adachi. With a staff as impressive as that,  I have my faith in A-1 Pictures (my favorite studio!) to produce another hit. I’m really looking forward to some MMO craziness.

Rinne no Lagrange Season 2

Ah, Rinne no Lagrange. Easily my favorite of the dry winter season. Filled with excellent music, great fanservice, an engaging story, likable characters, and most importantly cool mecha, what more can a boy ask for? I’m really looking forward to the sequel as the story seems to be going into territory and I want all questions answered. ALL OF THEM! Maru!

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

I honestly don’t have much to say… This looks really endearing. I don’t know what to expect actually. I’m looking forward to a whimsical fantasy anime that’ll take my away from my daily struggles. Let’s just hope it does exactly that. The staff is looking good enough with AIC backing the whole project while Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!) directs. I’ll definitely be in need for something that’s genuinely cute and not obnoxious over the summer.

Other anime I may check out are Tari Tari, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Muv Luv: Alternative, and Kokoro Connect. What are you guys really looking forward to in the summer season of anime?

Sankarea – Moé anime of the season?


This just might be too early to state with contenders such as Mysterious Girlfriend X, Dusk maiden of Amnesia, Saki: Achiga-hen episode of side-A, Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~, AKB0048, Hyouka, and Haiyore! Nyaruko-san having yet to air, but the anime managed to impress me so much that I’ll gladly give it that elusive title.

Who knew a disgusting theme such as necrophilia would be so enticing and cute at the same time? Similar to Corpse Bride; another animation that dared to explore this topic, Sankarea gives us a darker spin on the usual romantic comedy. In the first episode we’re introduced to Fuyura, a zombie fanatic living an ordinary life who decides to attempt to reanimate the corpse of his recently deceased cat in an secluded abandoned building. In the process, he encounters Rea; a beautiful maiden stricken with personal problems that allows herself to become a guinea pig for his experiment. From that short summary alone, I can see the two building a revoltingly beautiful relationship.


Sankarea has several things going for it that I honestly did not foresee when I originally looked at it in the seasonal chart. For one, the characters are really likable. Furuya isn’t that far from your typical insert character, however he showcases competence and wit which makes more bearable than Arita from Accel World usual. Rea is also a peasant surprise. Her sweet personality will charm the most ardent of folks. The rest of the cast also impresses, Furuya’s family has an enjoyable bond while his friends provide the usual (but entertaining) silly banter. I really can’t wait to see how the characters develop throughout this twisted tale and a twisted tale it is going to be apparently. Due to the dark subject matter I’m expecting the plot to unravel some truly rancid twists not normally found in romance.With such a daring set up, I’m intrigued on how things will play out. Considering that only 20 chapters are out, I’m sure the writers will cook something extra up to make it even more twisted! XD

And did you know that Studio DEEN was behind the gorgeous visuals!?! Wow it seems like they’re really giving a damn this time around as the anime obtains a sleek look with some SHAFT inspired visuals. Here’s to hoping that DEEN is able to upkeep this level of quality throughout its air time.


So we have likable characters, a unique premise, great visuals, and quality fanservice to boot. I’ll gladly stick with Sankarea, just don’t fuck up DEEN!